walNUTS over you

walNUTS over you


For those that want subtle, but elegant.
They are long statement piece earrings that could easily be dressed up or dressed down.
Perfect for a Valentine's Date or any date for that matter!
The top heart is a black gloss, the middle a textured gold foil and the bottom solid Walnut wood.

Made from fun 1/8" acrylic and solid walnut wood, these earrings will definitely take someone's breath away.

Earring hooks and jump rings are made from 925 pure silver plated copper, nickel free and low allergenic, safe and non-reactive to very sensitive skin.

They measure approximately 3" in length x 1" in width.. Extremely lightweight (can't even tell you're wearing them).

These are made to order, but will ship out no more than 3 business days from the time you place the order. All orders will receive tracking information so you can follow your package with ease. Message me and I will happily accommodate specific needs if I can.

ALL orders receive a free sticker!