Dainty Love

Dainty Love


With so many options to choose from, can you just buy one pair?! 
These dainty hearts are the perfect addition to any earring lover's collection. These will literally go with any outfit.
For those that don't like pink or red, there are also fun options like blue or black.
The rings are definitely a big hit, and extremely easy to use, with a loop in the back that secures them in place, ensuring they will never fall off.

Made from fun 1/8" acrylic. 8 options to choose from.

Ring are made of durable alloy,high-quality nickel free & lead free,ensure long-term use. safe and durable.

They measure approximately 1.5" in length x 0.75" in width.. Extremely lightweight (can't even tell you're wearing them).

These are made to order, but will ship out no more than 3 business days from the time you place the order. All orders will receive tracking information so you can follow your package with ease. Message me and I will happily accommodate specific needs if I can.

ALL orders receive a free sticker!